5th Element 80mm Inline Wheels

SKU: ss000008

Sale price$21.95


The Brand new 5th Element 80mm Inline Skate Wheels are a great option for those looking to upgrade or replace their current set of wheels. At 80mm they are a versatile recreational wheel and are strong and soft so they can absorb road vibration and offer plenty of grip. If you want excellent performance then look no further than these 5th Element 80mm Inline Skate Wheels. Performance Wheels for Recreational Skaters - These versatile recreational inline wheels are ideal for everything from a stroll in the park to performance-oriented fitness skating. Skate Stronger than Ever - 5th Element wheels have a durometer of 82A for increased absorption of road vibration and grip. Take on Tough Terrain - These high-density, polyurethane wheels can skate rough surfaces and asphalt without wearing down quickly. Perfect for Beginners - 80mm wheels are a great starter size for inline skaters looking to get in the game. Replace Old, Worn Wheels - Update your skates with this fresh 8-pack of wheels for clean and comfortable riding.

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