5th Element 84mm Inline Wheels

SKU: ss000010

Sale price$25.95


The Brand new 5th Element 84mm Inline Skate Wheels are a great option for those looking to upgrade or replace their current set of wheels. At 84mm they are a versatile performance wheel and are strong and soft so they can absorb road vibration and offer plenty of grip. The 84mm size will deliver a smooth roll and are perfect for mild fitness and other inline skating activities. If you want excellent performance then look no further than these 5th Element 84mm Inline Skate Wheels. The Perfect Summer Workout - Kick start your training with these 84mm wheels, which are ideal for long distance exercise sessions. Upgrade to Bigger and Better - Shed your beginner wheels and grab some 5th Element 84mm for a more advanced skate. Skate Stronger than Ever - 5th Element wheels have a durometer of 82A for a strong grip and reduced vibrations at high speeds. Take on Tough Terrain - These high-density, polyurethane wheels can skate rough surfaces and asphalt without wearing down. Replace those Old, Worn Wheels - Update your skates with this fresh 8-pack of wheels for brand new ability.

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