5th Element B2 100 Inline Skates Kids

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Color: Black/Orange
Size: (12-1)
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The 5th Element B2-100 Inline Skates are the perfect pair of skates for your young guy. He will love these inline skates that are sure to keep his feet comfortable as he continues to pick up the skills to become an awesome skater. There is a buckle, Velcro strap and laces to ensure that his feet are locked in and his ankles are supported. The Soft Boot will keep his feet comfortable. The wheel sizes are also great as they will provide just the right amount of speed for learning on and are great for outdoor skating. Best of all, these skates are adjustable so as his feet grow throughout the years you can make the boot bigger without having to spend money on a whole new skate that he will just grow out of. With four sizes of adjustability, these are definitely a pair of skates you'll be happy to hold on to plus your child will love to have a consistent, easy-to-use and fun skate to call his own for years. Priced incredibly with plenty of value for the money, the 5th Element B2-100 Inline Skates are great for all kids who love the outdoors in the summertime. Perfect Skates for Beginners - Comfortable and easy to learn on as skill set grows to become a more advanced skater. Comfortable Soft Boot Construction - Keeps you on your feet longer, the soft boot construction with traditional laces provides a lightweight feel as you roll. Adjustable Sizing - Allows wheel size to grow: 12-1 (64mm), 2-4 (70mm), 5-8 (72mm). Recreational Closure System - Buckle, Velcro Strap and Laces are all put in place to ensure stability and support while skating. Composite Frame Material - Lightweight construction makes skating less fatiguing allowing for longer skate sessions. .

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