5th Element ST 80 Inline Skates Mens

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Size: 8
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5th Element has a passion for sports and for selling equipment that you can't afford to say no to. With over 20 years of expertise, 5th Element has focused on selling quality skates at the best prices possible. 5th Element believes everyone should have the opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible, and 5th Element equipment will make the most of that time. Quick and Maneuverable - Snake through obstacles in the park, on the street or wherever else you choose to play. Durometer & Wheels Made for the Street - 80mm wheels and the 84A durometer are designed to be skated in an urban setting. Lightweight Frame - Aluminum frame is less fatiguing on your feet, so you can spend more time in the concrete jungle. Stability and Comfort - The ratcheted ankle strap and rockered frame provide stability and comfort for strenuous skating. Traditional Lacing System - Makes getting out and skating a breeze, while offering a customized fit for comfort.

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