K2 Booster 80A (8-Pack) Inline Skate Wheels Sz 76mm

SKU: ss005928

Sale price$79.95


From learning the basics, to putzing around the streets or rink, K2's Booster 80mm Wheels are perfect for all around good fun. The 82A durometer delivers enough hardness to cruise the streets or use indoors, but will keep your speeds reasonable. Paired with ILQ 7 Bearings, you'll experience a smoother roll with each stride. Energetic Urethane - Creates a long-lasting, durable wheel that delivers a fun boost. 8 Pack - Includes 8 Booster 76mm/80A Wheels. ILQ 5 Bearings - Helps produce effortless rolling with each stride. Reusable Storage Bag Included. bearings not pictured .

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