K2 Raider Inline Skates Kids

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Size: (11k-2)
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The K2 Raider Adjustable Kid's Inline Skates are great for the new young rider who you want to excel at the sport of skating and plan for them to skate for years to come. These adjustable skates move up five sizes so that as your child's foot grow, you can increase the size. What's great about this is they can easily be handed down to younger siblings too who won't mind wearing used skates because they look great and are built to help them become awesome skaters. The Stability Plus Cuff offers lots of support and the Traditional Lacing will have them locked in and ready to cruise in no time. Built with the F. B. I. Frame, this frame will absorb road vibrations and make it easier for young skaters to get acclimated to skating. Comfort, adjustability and performance makes the K2 Raider Adjustable Kid's Inline Skate a great buy for any parent who wants their kids to shine on a pair of cool skates. Stability Plus Cuff Interlocking Frame and Base Reduces Road Vibrations Push Button Expansion Improves Overall Skating Comfort.

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