K2 Raider Pro Pack Inline Skates Kids

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Size: (1-5)
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Get your kid skates and protection all in one place with the K2 Raider Pro Adjustable Kid's Inline Skate Pack. Built with a Speed Lacing System, your child will be able to lace up nice and tightly with the simple pull of the laces. They can get the perfect fit and feel so they can maximize their performance and minimize those pesky blisters. The Stability Plus Cuff ensures they have a lot of support and comfort without weighing down the skate, and the F. B. I. Frame absorbs road vibrations making learning and progressing a little easier. These skates are also adjustable up to 5 sizes so as your child grows, they can still wear these great skates. The pad pack will keep your little one protected should they fall. Each pad is anatomically designed with anti-abrasion material and shock absorbing gel inserts. Stability Plus Cuff Includes 2 Elbow Pads, 2 Knee Pads and 2 Wrist Guards.

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