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Oakley took the idea of "adapt and conquer" to the extreme. Oakley Fast JacketTM is a performance product with a unique interchangeable lens design that lets you match your optics to your environment. Switching out the lenses is fast and easy, thanks to SwitchlockTM Technology. It's an innovation that locks the lenses in place with a quick release system. With Switchlock, the lenses are securely suspended without any stresses that could alter the optics, so you'll have premium clarity with true, accurate vision. They shaped stainless steel with metal injection molding to create a convenient button that releases each lens. That means minimal handling and no hassle. Just put in a new lens set and go.Between sunrise and sunset, there's a whole spectrum of possibility, but you can't take advantage of it unless your vision can adapt. If the sun pulls a disappearing act or busts its way through the clouds, just swap out the lenses with a different set. The advantages don't stop there. Pro athletes know it takes the right combination of light filtering, glare blocking, visual contrast and color balance to help them perform at their best, and it varies from sport to sport and place to place. With Fast JacketTM, they have the power to adapt their vision quickly and give themselves every possible advantage.

  • Fast, secure lens replacement with Switchlock interchangeable lens technology
  • Reduced distortion lenses via Oakley's cushioned lens suspension system
  • Unobtainium earsocks and nosepads for increased comfort and performance
  • Lightweight O Matter frame material with metal ellipse icon accents
  • 8.75 base lens geometry with HDO

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