Rollerblade Apex Inline Skates Kids

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The Rollerblade Apex Adjustable Urban Inline Skates are the perfect value oriented skate for growing kids. Each skate per size, adjusts 4 full sizes with the ease of a push button and a slide of the sole. Plenty of comfort and support are standard with the rigid frame and rink-compatible flush hardware, soft padded liner and tongue for breathability. Superior formed Boot - Extremely supportive shell delivers vented breathability to release moisture from the hard, protective exterior. Secure Closure System - Traditional laces are paired with a dual buckle system, a ratchet strap and power velcro strap to keep kids stable. Premium Liner - Padded and comfortable enough to dampen and absorb vibrations with the supplemental heel shock. Extruded Aluminum Frame - Versatility and stability are the name of the game here. Rollerblade Urban Jr. Wheels - Specific matte wheels per skate: 68mm (12J-1), 72mm (2-5), and 76mm (5. 5-7. 5). 80A Durometer - Hard enough for pavement and can be utilized indoors as well.

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