Rollerblade Cyclone Inline Skates Kids Sz 13-2 Black/Acid Green

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For kids looking to get into inline skating the Cyclone from Rollerblade is a great skate for kids wanting a formed skate that is tough, maneuverable and fast. The Cyclone has a RB shell and RB formed boots are known to be durable and comfortable for all skating environments. The Rollerblade Cyclone provides a type of experience and performance that traditional skates cannot. Mostly popular in urban areas, formed skates are catching on as the new go to skate because of their versatility. The Cyclone is adjustable two sizes with extra padding in the liner. The skate is shipped in the smaller size and if the child needs more room, simply remove the size extender in the liners toe to create the extra room. This design system allows for true performance and fit. There are bigger wheels and better bearings to give added speed. Vented formed Shell. Lateral Slider. Rollerblade Urban Wheels .

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