Rollerblade E2 110 Inline Skates Mens

SKU: ss010125

Size: 7
Sale price$499.00


The Rollerblade E2 110 is your ticket to premium speed skating, from training and exercise to simply having fun. Made for marathons and long-distance endurance skating, this lighter weight skate offers versatility and speed. With a revolutionary removable cuff system, you're able to utilize the medium height cuff for added support and simply remove it when it's time to race. The 3WD aluminum frame creates a unique sense of balance by adjusting laterally as needed, and can accommodate up to 125mm wheels, meaning the use and possibilities are endless with the E2 110. Carbon Fiber Ventilated Shell - Includes vented soles, creating a 2-in-1 style skate.Removable Cuff - Offering versatility with either a mid or low profile skate.Anatomical Padded Premium Liner - Eliminates the wait time for the skate to break in, so you can skate right out of the box!. Two Micro-Adjustable Buckles and Speed Lacing System - Securely lock in feet, with or without the higher cuff installed.3WD Extruded Aluminum Frame - Able to be adjusted laterally for optimal balance and weight distribution.Rollerblade Supreme Wheels - 110mm in size with 85A durometer, maximizing any wear, speed, roll and grip!. Standard Brake - Included in box (will not work with 125mm set up).Twincam ILQ-7 Plus Bearings - Superior bearings create additional speed with less effort.

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