Seal Skinz Mid Length Socks Mens Sz S Black

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The unique watertight cuff in Seal Skinz Mid-Length Thick Sock ensures that your feet stay dry and warm in any activity where extra insulation is imperative. They are great for canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and SUP. These socks are guaranteed to be completely waterproof up to the cuff of the sock. The durable nylon/Lycra outer and a comfortable, moisture-wicking Merino wool inner lining hide a high-tech waterproof, breathable membrane. Designed to keep you dry and warm in wet conditions. Stretch-to-fit material eliminates uncomfortable sags and wrinkles, even during strenuous activities. Seamless design provides total comfort, free of ridges and pressure points. Elasticated in-steps for support and a comfortable fit. Merino wool lining for moisture control and comfort .

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