Stance Alpine JC Ultralight Merino Socks Mens Sz L (9-12) Black

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For Jimmy Chin, it’s perfection or death. Every piece of his equipment is dialed, down to his socks. The Alpine JC is a trusted choice at the forefront of mountaineering. All mountain multitaskman, Jimmy Chin is a celebrated photographer, filmmaker, and mountain sports athlete. He was part of the first American team to ski off the summit of Mount Everest and can claim a laundry list of first ascents on just about every corner of the earth. He’s directed award winning films and has tattooed the cover of the biggest publications in the world. Driven by an apparent fear of the indoors, Jimmy is our spirit animal.
  • Graduated Compression: Engineered graduated compression aids in blood circulation to keep you warmer and reduce fatigue
  • Breathable Performance Mesh Throughout: The forefoot and ankle feature a breathable mesh to improve ventilation and elevate comfort
  • Anatomically Engineered Arch Support: Reinforced arch construction built to give you correct support and eliminate foot fatigue
  • Reinforced Toe/Heel: Twisted yarns in toe/heel to provide extra durability
  • Flat Toe Seam: The toe box is linked stitch-by-stitch to ensure a flat look and an abrasion-free experience
  • Ultra Low Profile 200 Needle Construction: Occupies less volume in your boots allowing a true to size fit for optimum feel

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