Tour Code GX Inline Skates Kids

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Size: (11-1)
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The Tour Code GX Adjustable Skates will add confidence to each stride making this a must-have for any growing young skater. Offering 4 sizes in one, these bang-for-your-buck skates are easy to adjust on the fly, and perfect for a beginner to intermediate hockey star. Equipped with comfort padding, reinforced ankle support and Bevo Gold-7 Bearings, the Tour Code GX Adjustable Skates are prepared to take your kid farther than before. Composite Reinforced Boot - A harder shell creates a more durable base for every game. Reinforced Ankle Support - Paired with a high cuff to protect your ankles while riding. Deluxe Comfort Padding - Experience a level of comfort other hockey skates don't quite hit the mark on. Tri-Coil XT Eviction Frame - A lightweight, yet durable frame for quick movements. Bevo Gold-7 Bearings - Race rated bearings will keep a smooth feel under your feet. Kemistry Niton X-Soft Wheels - All-purpose wheels with an emphasis on outdoor recreation. Size 11J-1 - 64mm-64mm-64mm-64mm. Sizes 1-4 - 72mm-72mm-72mm-72mm.

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