Tour Volt KV4 Inline Skates Mens

SKU: ss013100

Size: 8
Sale price$219.99


The Volt Kv4 is known for delivering performance and durability any advanced level skater would want. With a lightweight aluminum frame that holds two larger wheels in back and two smaller wheel in front, you'll be able to hold that forward skating position longer while charging harder than before. The indoor wheels play friendly with all types of surfaces, and are propelled with Bevo Gold 9 Race Rated bearing creating a faster skater ready to protect the net. Complete with comfort tricot lining and pillow padding, you'll be living in the Tour Kv4 Hockey skates year-round! Heat formable - Delivering a custom and supreme fit. Comfort Tricot Liner - Combined with Relay Memory Series Foam 4, this composition cushions like never before. Pillow Padding - Reduces ankle irritation, while the pillow padding edge provides lasting and endless comfort. Instep Honeycomb Venting - Creates a path of least resistance for moisture to escape, ensuring maximum breathability. FUSE Split Frame Technology - Offers ultimate durability and control with a unique wheel set up. Size 6 Wheels - 72mm-72mm-68mm-68mm. Size 7-12 Wheels - 80mm-80mm-76mm-76mm.

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