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Rollerblade Skate Videos

The 2013 Rollerblade inline skates collection offer great skates for men, women and kids available for all skating abilities. For boys and girls the Spitfire XT and Spitfire ALU offer easy to put on and take off skates with great components making them smooth and safe. For urban skaters the new 2013 Rollerblade Twister offers a shorter frame with a protective boot for easy maneuverability on busy streets with protection for both the skates and user. Men and women can find solace in adding inline skating to their fitness activity with lightweight, comfortable and smooth Rollerblade skates including the Spark series with up to an 84mm wheel size and a quality design boasting comfort and support. For those skating longer distances or going for more speed look no further than the 2013 Rollerblade Tempest series of skates which start with a 90mm wheel and go up to a 110mm wheel size on the top model.

In the video reviews of the 2013 Rollerblade inline skates lineup we hear from Alisa from and Rick from Rollerblade as they go into the details of each skate in the Rollerblade lineup.