Styles of Inline Skating Bags 


Carrying inline skates can be bothersome and awkward but luckily there are several different types of inline skate bags to combat this. With several options from hard case carriers and easy to sling over your shoulder skate carrying backpacks there is no reason to ever awkwardly carry your skates around ever again. Let’s talk about some of the various styles of bags and what to expect.


Standard Skate Bags


These are the triangle shaped skate bags that are designed to be fairly basic and carry your inline skates easily. These inline skate bags don’t offer too much extra room but will often have enough room for a set of pads and helmet. Standard bags will offer a handling and carrying strap and in some models you will have a sling strap or backpack style straps to also carry.


Backpack Style Skate Bags


There is no easier way to carry your inline skates than with a backpack style skate bag. These bags are not only some of the easiest bags to use but they will also award extra room for supplies. Skate backpacks will have thicker more padded straps and will offer more protection while carrying a heavier than normal load. This style of inline skate bag offers a middle of the road price range but is overall the most effective in carrying skates and additional pieces of equipment.


Rolling Style Skate Bags


For those that take their skates everywhere with them rolling style bags offer the easiest to use and definitely easiest to take with you style of bag. With additional room for anything from pads and helmets to additional clothes and toiletries this style of skate bag really caters to the hardcore skater.


Hard Case Skate Bags


These are few and far between but if you want to fully protect your inline skates than getting a hard case for them may be a viable option. Not used by many this style of inline skate bags is actually not a bag at all but more of an inline skate briefcase.


As you now know there are more to inline skate bags than meets the eye. With so many choices and styles of skate bags to choose from it’s good that offers so many choices. From the beginner skater to hardcore skate enthusiast you are sure to find something to carry your goods here.


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