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Inline Skate Parts Overview


Skate parts are a highly important component for correct use of your skates. All inline skates come with these parts but like anything else, after using your inline skates for a while it’s a guarantee your parts will erode and need to be replaced. We here at realize how important it is for you to pick up these parts and with that in mind have several parts in stock that you need.


Such skate parts carried are skate axles, skate brakes, spacers and more. All of those types of parts are important and we at have them in stock so you can get them replaced and get back on your inline skates.


When to Replace Skate Parts


Skate Axles- If you notice your inline skates wheels are not spinning like they used to or find yourself losing speed it may be time to evaluate the inner workings. If you take your skate apart and the bearings seem to be in good working order it may be time to check out the skate axles. These axles have the capability to bend and warp over time and extended use. To check the wear on them you can take them out of the skate and put the axle through them; once the axle is through try spinning the axle and ensure there are no hang ups.


Skate Brakes- It’s pretty easy to tell when a skate brake is worn to the point of needing to be replaced. If you find it hard to brake and find yourself having to lean too far back it is time to replace. You also don’t want to wait too long to replace a skate brake or it can make it harder to actually replace it. If you wait too long the skate brake could start to wear through to the bolt that hold the brake to the skate and make it harder to remove the bolt once it starts to wear. When ordering replacement brakes for inline skates it’s advisable to order more than you need as brake designs change and you can’t always be guaranteed to find the replacements later down the road.


Reasons to Upgrade


In some cases it’s necessary to upgrade or change your skate parts. If you take your skates wheels apart and notice that your wheels are using plastic spacers it may be time to upgrade to an aluminum axle kit or as they are sometimes called a hop up kit. This may also be necessary if you strip out some of the wheels axles and need a complete axle replacement. Some have to replace their brakes from a standard brake to a non-marking brake for use inside roller rinks. Typically rinks will only allow non-marking brakes. Most all brakes that come on skates are non-marking but if not you will need to replace. Non-marking brakes will typically be grey and will say non-marking on them or on the packaging somewhere.


As you can see there are many parts on inline skates that serve great purpose whether it be replacement or upgrade. is your skate parts resource and if you have any questions feel free to ask us on chat or call our customer service specialists.


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