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Many people do not realize this but there are many simple ways to upgrade your roller skates. Like most other pieces of sports equipment, the right upgrade can make your skate performance better and the overall skating experience more enjoyable. When it comes to upgrades, there are three main areas that are available for upgrade on rollerskates: bearings, wheels, and frames. Here we will talk about the impact a roller skates bearings have on your skating.


As logic may tell you, lower priced roller skates are going to come equipped with bearings at the lower end of the spectrum. This means that the skate will not roll as well as a skate with high-end bearings because the low-end bearing does not reduce the friction created between the wheel and the axle like a high-end bearing does. When you’re talking about the single best investment you can make for your roller skates, upgrading your bearings is it because it will allow your skates to roll smoother and faster.


Most skate bearings that you will find will be rated on what is known as the ABEC scale. ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, and refers to the perfection of a bearing. ABEC ratings, which typically range from 1 – 9 for roller skates, grade the quality and smoothness of the polish on a bearing. The higher the number, the more efficient the bearing will operate. An additional bearing rating is the Swiss bearing. This came along after the ABEC system and the primary difference is that the standards to measure each are slightly different.


Either of these bearing types will be the best for speed roller skating because they are specially designed for skating. Once purchased, your local roller skate shop should be able to install them for you if you aren’t sure how to swap them out yourself. Keep in mind that once you upgrade your bearings, they will take some time to break in, so don’t expect your first time out with your new bearings to be the best it’s going to get.


Brand new roller skates are also going to have brand new bearings so the same rule goes for your first skate out. When you first go out for a spin with your new roller skates they may take some time for the bearings to break in. Expect to get a fully broken in roller skating experience after a couple times out skating with your new roller skates.



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