Quality Sunglasses are Great for Inline Skating


Here at we understand how important it is to protect yourself while inline skating. But did you ever think that your eyes need protection as well? Sunglasses play a pivotal role while inline skating.They will help your eyes read the terrain, reduce glare off the pavement, and improve depth perception. But how do you know what sunglasses are best for you? Well, here at we are going to talk about a few characteristic that will help you make the right choice.


When choosing a pair of sunglasses there are a few key feature you want to first look at before even tring them on your face. First off you want to make sure they block at least 99% of all UV rays. If they don’t say the protect you form UV rays we suggest looking at another pair. From there you want to look at the frame of the sunglasses. Frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes all meant to fit faces differently. Companies like Oakley and Smith make numerous different styles of frame but more importantly they have specialized frames geared for active people. Typically these frames are made from nylon, which is a lightweight material and very durable. Other models normally have a rimless frame with a wrap around lens. This increases your peripheral vision while still maintaining a comfortable lightweight frame. Some  come with interchangeable lens so you’ll be ready for any light condition.


Once your frame has been selected, we move onto lens options. Most active sunglasses have a polycarbonate lens which is shatterproof and impact resistant. A polarized lens will help while inline skating by completely reducing the amount of glare projecting off of the pavement. After deciding whether or not you want polarized lenses, it’s time to look at lens colors. Certain lens color are going to offer certain features that will benefit you while inline skating. For inline skating there are two lens’ that are perfect for you and should be considered when shopping. Grey lenses(most common) reduce light intensity without disrupting contrast or distorting colors. A Brown lenses will enhance your contrast which is best for overcast days. There are numerous other lens options to choose from but thinking about the weather condition when you skate is going to be the most important part of choosing your sunglasses.



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