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Was easy, and after shopping at brick & mortar stores price was easily $150+ cheaper

- Beth | 2/19/2018

Very good experience with this site so far.

- Aly | 2/19/2018

This particular transaction was quick, easy and painless. The website was layed out in a matter that it was easy to find what I was looking for. There were plenty of comments pertaining to my items which helped narrow down the field quickly.

- Jfay | 2/19/2018

Fully satisfied. What I wanted was readily available.

- Benjamin | 2/18/2018

Great pricing on K2 V02s... Sent quickly, arrived in perfect condition. First order from Summit.

- Jensen | 2/15/2018

Clean, easily navigable interface. Quick checkout process. Wish I could find user reviews more easily, but I only did quick views of products.

- Julia | 2/7/2018

The site was super helpful in making an informed decision about what to purchase. The skates were on sale too, which was wonderful. The quality is great, in my opinion [although this is my first set ever purchased in 30y]. If/when I need spare or replacement parts, I will definitely turn to to get those pieces first - before any other sites. nnThank you, Inlineskates and your wonderfully organized team!

- Green Rockets | 10/2/2017

I just wanted to commend your customer service representative. I believe her name was Amanda, and she processed the manual order for us (due to product return). We found it easy to not only place our order, but to get conscious feedback and recommendations from her, as she really helped us ensure that we would get a skate that fit properly and was designed for what we wanted to do. At this time of year, the skates my girlfriend wanted didn't appear to be in stock size-wise, but with her help, she recommended that we could put insoles into the skates to make up for the half-size difference. My girlfriend was happy we could make it work, because she is very particular and wanted that exact model. Also, at the time, we reportedly had $448.00 in store credit to use. Well, needless to say, we ended up purchasing Hydrogen wheels too, and so we owed about $7.00 more than what the store credit would account for. It was no problem, we had our credit card information, but instead she gave us a $10.00 coupon for the order instead of asking for the $7.00 we would have happily paid! We were astounded. Then, once the order was processed, she let us know we'd get an email indicating when the items shipped. We assumed it would be standard 5-7 business day shipping since we didn't pay for the expedited shipping. Lo and behold, they arrived early Wednesday morning! For a Sunday order! I don't know if this was intentional, but at any rate, I'm so grateful because we can get out on the road much sooner! And in the end, her recommendations for sizing were spot on for both pairs of skates. I can't sing enough praises of how wonderful our experience has been with We urge you to confirm who processed our manual order and give her the recognition she deserves. We will certainly be returning customers!

- Michelle | 9/27/2017

Very happy with the items of clothing we bought at a great value. Will be back again.

- Peter | 9/4/2017

well i reported these never arrive to my house but the police just recently caught the women who been stealing package across the neighborhood so inline skate was kind to give me my money back but i chose store credit instead and brought something else which was sweet.

- Eduardo | 9/3/2017

Awesome wheels for a excellent price. Rollerblade quality, high as always, price could not have been better. What else can I say? inlineskates never fails me.

- Javier | 6/26/2017

I've been rollerblading for about 20 years and love Rollerblade skates. I tried K2's once and then went right back to Rollerblade. The last few years I've been wearing the Activa 90 and so went with these because of the same wheel. They are great, the laces are a little different, they stay in place great, I have to say, once they are in place they are hard to move if you want to adjust them but that is how you want them, but they don't go up above the ankle joint, like the Activa's did, but tie right at the joint. I prefer the ones that go up but I'll get used to these. Other than that, the overall design is perfect and they move well, fast and were really easy the first time out, because they are the same wheel as last time, next time I may try the 100s. But I love Rollerblades because of the quality and predictable performance level, they are dependable and a really well made skate that I trust. Also want to mention, this is the first time ordering from this company and I really appreciate the great customer service, delivery was on time and in great condition and they even sent me a follow up email to see how everything went. It's also a great website and very user friendly. So, will order from again.

- Allison | 6/12/2017

There were other skates that I wanted more than the ones I purchased, but they didn't come in my size. In all fairness, other sites didn't have my size either. I did find one site that had a style I wanted, but after experiencing your customer service/return policy, I decided to purchase my skates from your site. I couldn't be a more satisfied customer after ordering from you. My skates arrived on time, the price was good, and after having to return my first skates because of sizing, the second pair arrived one day after ordering. That is just excellent. I will do business with you again. God bless.

- Kevin | 6/12/2017

I had a Live Chat with Rick today, and he was very helpful. I haven't bought a pair of skates in over 20 years (my old Macroblades were the best) and I had a lot of questions about the new trends and technology. He really knows his products, and offers friendly advice. Thanks Rick!

- John | 6/9/2017

I'm very happy with my new skates! I'm not as good as I used to be, so I purchased the K2s knowing they were going to roll faster than I'd like at first..hoping to improve my skill set like old times. I've only used them twice so far and I have no complaints. They fit true to size and comfortably on my foot, they don't dig into my calves, the wheels roll super smoothly and the brake works well too. The colors of the skate are bright,vibrant, and fun. I'm very pleased and would recommend inlineskates and K2!

- 4Smooth | 3/13/2017

I used to be a Rollerblade customer. Then I moved to another (cheaper) skate. Big mistake. Less support and less control. It felt like I was skating in mud. Rollerblade has been doing what they do for a long time. They understand the need for support. These skates are amazing. To think that I paid a little more than what I paid for my original Rollerblade skates some 20+ years ago... Run, don't walk to your nearest computertabletsmartphone to order these puppies. Oh, and rocks! Others can't offer the same insight that these guys do. If they don't have inline or skates in their name, forget about it.

- skaterfromGA | GA | 11/15/2016

I spoke to a wonderful man who was more than helpful to get me my order by the next day. He went above and beyond what was expected. Barry thanks for making my sons birthday a great success!!!

Anonymous | 11/2/2016

I am very pleased with my purchase of skates for my daughter's 12th birthday present. The skates perform well and are comfortable. Ordering was easy and shipping was quick. I will definitely be back to this site when she needs the next size up. The prices are better than the sporting goods stores and it's so much easier to order right from home. I recommend this site and it's products for anyone who wants to skate.

- Joan | Beaver Dam, WI | 10/10/2016

Good skates for the price, but keep in mind that they are rockered. If you are a beginner, you might want to go with a different skate (depending on your preferences). I ended up returning this pair because the rockered frame wasn't working for me. has amazing service, and they processed my return quickly and respectfully. 100% recommend purchasing from them

- Sam. | Kansas City, MO | 4/19/2016

Being in my twenties, I haven't worn rollerblades since I was a teenager and I decided to get back into it again because I missed it so much. Sadly I couldn't find a good store to purchases any decent rollerblades in my area, but then I found this website ( one day. I couldn't believe how easy it was to find the right size and pair to get back on the wheels, and I won't forget to mention about awesome the costumer service, I sent my rollerblades to the wrong town by accident, oops. (I wish I could remember the name of the guy who helped me, but if he's reading this THANK YOU). Anyways, the shipping was super fast and the blades fit amazingly, its been forever since I was in rollerblades but these are the first pair that I instantly fell in love with. Long story short; Great online store, great costumer service, great delivery service, and awesome rollerblades!

- Kitt Katt. | Williamsport, PA | 2/17/2016

Really like all the options of rollerblades, excited to get mine.

- Juan N.. | Socorro, TX | 6/21/2015

Thank you for all the great choices and the high quality products for inline skating. I can't wait to get rolling. :)

- Gayle P. | Salem, OR | 6/17/2015

I didn't know much about inline skates, this site had all the information to help me decide and get a great price.

- Tim E. | Newark, DE | 6/17/2015

I needed a pair of size 14 or 15 skates. Most sites don't allow you to narrow search results by available sizes but did, so I was able to find a pair that was the right size. Also, with their great return policy I feel confident that if they don't fit I will be able to return them and get the right size for me.

- Ryan A. | Niskayuna, NY | 6/14/2015

Awesome selection and fast service! Thank you and the skate bucks are an awesome perk!

- Amber T. | Queen Creek, AZ | 6/13/2015

The site was user-friendly and the skates were well priced. They had more detail on their products than most sites.

- Jennifer N. | San Bernardino,CA | 6/13/2015

Great Store!!! Buying again deffinately!

- Caronina M. | Doral, FL | 6/13/2015

Perhaps the best part of the business is their interviews with people who know skates best. I picked out the skate I was interested in and found the corresponding interview on their site that allowed me a better understanding of the product and helped me decide which would be better for a skater with my skillset.

- Rigg C. | Tamarac, FL | 6/13/2015

Way better than Amazon for the skating community.

- Gavin W. | New Haven, CT | 6/13/2015

Skates are great, I love the variety and the videos that talk about the pros and cons of the skates.

- Veronica S. | Stanford, CA | 6/10/2015

Cool sites. I wish there were stores in malls.

- Keith K. | Bronx, NY | 6/9/2015

I purchased these skates as a gift for my granddaughter , they seem of very high quality for the money.

- Darlene G. | Chicago, IL | 6/7/2015

Always pleased with this retailer!

- Bridget B. | Columbia, MO | 6/6/2015

Your compare system was really helpful!

- Derek J. | Orlando, FL | 6/5/2015

I look forward to skate for the first time.

- Nora A. | Oak Park, IL | 6/4/2015

Great interface and navigation around it. Narrowing down the selection to find the perfect skate for my experience level and budget was simple and quick. The site also explains skate specs really well (e.g. Wheel size and shape).

- Bossi A. | Philadelphia, PA | 6/4/2015

I have gotten may wheels from them and their site has alot of usefull information on makeing the purchases.

- Jeremy S. | Mount Vernon, IL | 6/4/2015

I was looking for a new pair, since my old pair of skates needed to be replaced. I needed help on deciding what pair fit my needs the most, so I clicked on "Live Chat" and was kindly guided and helped by a representative named Dru. He explained the return policy and answered all my questions. I ended up picking a pair and now I'm looking forward to receiving it!

- Emma R. | North Hollywood, CA | 5/30/2015

Great skates, great prices!

- George P. | Washington, DC | 5/28/2015

Bought a pair of inline skates for my Daughter's birthday, she loves them!

- Bruce A. | Webster, NY | 5/28/2015

What made me order from inline skates is the awesome return policy and the store credit in used items. That shows me the company really cares about the customer satisfaction

- Jenna B. | Elmer, NJ | 5/28/2015

Very easy buying experience. I felt it was secure and convenient to be able to pay using my amazon account. I also liked the informative videos on the product pages -- they helped greatly in researching my purchase. Would recommend this merchant to others.

- Adrienne B. | Santa Fe, NM | 5/27/2015

Nice service. Good products.

- Staphanie G. | Miami, FL | 5/26/2015

Very satisfied with the purchase.

- Phonda P. | Zeeland, MI | 5/26/2015

Love the little insights about the product at the bottom. the "common use" and "ventilation" and "speed". would definitely recommend and return to this online store.

- Tyler A. | Visalia, CA | 5/25/2015

Customer service was exceptionally helpful! There are no Rollerblade vendors here besides Dick's Sporting Goods. They do not have the higher end Rollerblades, and I had a lot of questions. The customer service representatives answered all of my questions thoroughly, and I really appreciated their advice.

- Brooke T. | Toledo, OH | 5/24/2015

Awsome looking skates for a good price. I have been looking forward to getting back into skating after so long.

- Jared B. | Mckinney, TX | 5/16/2015

Have a really great selection of skates that can fill the needs of any consumer.

- Griffin P. | Bay Village, OH | 5/16/2015

Very informative site for a beginner or if you're unsure of what you want.

- Amber A. | Philadelphia, PA | 5/14/2015

Love this website it has so many different varieties in skates from colores and inlines and the delivery is free I cant wait to use them

- Norma F. | Pharr, TX | 5/13/2015

Customer Service for this Site is awesome! I wasn't paying attention with my order total and thought I was over $80 and would get free shipping, but after I submitted I realized I was actually just $0.14 short! I sent an email to customer service to see if they'd be willing to credit me the free shipping and they did! They responded within 24 hrs. with a well written and thoughtful reply. Keep up the great work!!!!

- Guest | 5/14/2015

I enjoyed the product videos. Prices were competitive with other sites.

- Thomas M. | Covington, KY | 5/9/2015

Easy sight to navigate and purchase items from.

- Lara M. | Yorktown, VA | 5/7/2015

large selection of skates.good prices

- William J. | Denver, CO | 5/6/2015

This is one of the best sites that I've ever had the pleasure of working with! The site was super easy to navigate and had some cool features too! I really loved the feature where you could compare up to 4 different skates at one time! How cool is that! Thanks for the great shopping experience! You guys also had some of the best prices around! I'll be shopping with you guys again!

- Mike K. | Concord, NH | 5/5/2015

Excellent place to purchase items, always on time. Thanks

- Danilo A. | Aventura, FL | 5/2/2015

Quality product, great pricing and easy fast free shipping....all winners!

- Marjorie B. | Park City, UT | 4/30/2015

Very excited I found a pair of skates I think are going to be perfect for me! Old ones were getting to be in rough shape. Thanks to all the helpful tips and easy understandable layout. And all the discriptions of each product were great! Helped a lot and made it a lot easier to find the right skates for me.

- Michelle T. | Shelby Township, MI | Date

Website is very easy to navigate, prices are clearly marked and each has a good description.

- Matthew W. | Murfreesboro, TN | 4/30/2015

I enjoyed my over all experience with

- Bridget G. | Greenfield, IN | 4/29/2015

Great shopping experience, very easy to get around the site. Found what I was looking for in almost no time at all.

- Daniel L. | Zachary, LA | 4/28/2015

I absolutely love love loved the videos on your website. I wish you were the first website I looked at when deciding to purchase inline skates. Your videos about skates, their parts and components were extremely helpful in finding the right skate. I liked the videos from the company spokesmen as well, because at the end you would ask, "so, who is this skate ideal for?" After learning so much about skates from your informative video, learning who the skate was ideal for was a deciding factor in my purchase.

- Marissa A. | Gulf Shores, AL | 4/27/2015

Tracy was very helpful answering my questions regarding inline skates and what would work best for my intended use of them. I asked a lot of questions and she thoroughly answered them all with the information i was seeking.I am so very pleased with the service I received before and after my purchase.I will soon be making another purchase with and I will not hesitate to refer anyone to them.

- Scott T. | Madison, Wi | 4/26/2015

awesome service with great products. Very helpful and knowledgable on the products.

- Daniel R. | Allen, TX | 4/24/2015

Found it easy to make an educated decision on what to purchase for my needs.

- Nicole B. | Orlando, FL | 4/23/2015

Large selection. Nice customer service.

- Laura B. | Crystal Lake, IL | 4/22/2015

Can't wait to receive my new skates! Awesome website! Deff recommend!

- Samantha G. | Lynwood, IL | 4/21/2015

Thank you for the very informative website and videos!

- Maximilian M | Caldwell, ID | 4/20/2015

I look forward to picking up this activity again, and being a long term customer of

- Thomas M. | West Berlin, VT | 4/18/2015

Great Site. Lots of quality products to choose from.

- Matt J. | Cranberry Twp, PA | 4/18/2015

Got to talk to a live person for advice almost immediately. She was very helpful.

- Ken T. | Bismarck, ND | 4/17/2015

Searching, buying, and customer service was great. I liked using the online chat... Your competitor didn't have that. That in itself pretty much sealed the deal.

- Matthew W. | Sandusky, OH | 4/14/2015

Great site, great prices, loved that I received a bonus product with my purchase for free, and checkout was quick and easy. Overall, great purchases!

- Samantha P. | Liverpool, NY | 4/14/2015

COOL website and great services.

- Kyle A. | Oakland, CA | 4/12/2015

Love the free shipping, and the free skate bag made it a better deal than Academy Sports.

- Brian R. | Siloam Springs, AR | 4/12/2015

Awesome experience. Found you guys from your youtube video (which was ridiculously informative, by-the-way). I wasn't getting the help I needed from online reviews, so I called up the customer service number and received AMAZING care and great answers to my questions. I was recommended a skate by K2 for my 8-year-old, which I purchased immediately. I'm excited for my daughter to use these skates, as I believe they are a significant step up from the inexpensive-retail-store brand skates she's been using in the past. Thanks for the help, thanks for the great experience, and I'll be back for more once my other 3 little monsters come of age.

- Kevin M. | Hillsboro, OR | 4/10/2015

I like that you can filter by star rating, it was very easy to find what I needed. I also looked on Ebay and because I was buying more than one set of rollerblades it was more cost effective to purchase with inlines skates.

- Angela A. | Mission, KS | 4/10/2015

Thank you for the big savings!

- Adriana G. | Greensboro, NC | 4/10/2015

Shopping and range of colors and options are too good!

- Fnu M. | Schaumburg, IL | 4/9/2015

Awesome Skates! Awesome website!

- Jimmy K. | Winfield, IL | 4/8/2015

Inlineskates has alot of different options of skates including adjustable skates to avoid having to purchase skates every year

- Norma F. | Pharr, TX | 4/8/2015

Thank you for the high quality online shopping experience.

- Greg M. | Weston, FL | 4/8/2015

I had a solid shopping experience, quickly found the blades I wanted and they were at a cool price.

- Leslie P. | Clifton Park, NY | 4/4/2015

Great selection of in line skates for my growing kiddos. Thank you for having size 14 !

- Jill D. | Crown Point, IN | 4/4/2015

Good store. Helpful staff.

- John T. | Arcadia, FL | 4/4/2015

I like how there was a tool that helped you choose skates based on the amount of time you would use it and for what purpose.

- Maya W. | Bronx, NY | 4/1/2015

First time ever buying roller blades. Love the selection and the prices.

- Alex D. | Great Falls, MT | 4/1/2015

I was happy with how easy it was to find the product I wanted being I thought it would be difficult.

- Jolene B. | Kansass City, MO | 3/31/2015

It's been a pleasure using inline skates.

- Melissa G. | Paterson, NJ | 3/29/2015

Talked to one person online and one person over the phone. They were very helpful with their recomendations and took the time to make sure I purchased the correct product for my needs. It was the best customer service I've experienced in a long time.

- Chris A. | Orlando, FL | 3/27/2015

This is my second purchase in less than a week. I love how the site is organized and how easy it is to find what you are looking for. This time I bought a helmet and wrist guards for the roller blades that I ordered last week. I love the site.

- Victoria W. | Highland Mills, NY | 3/25/2015

Talked to Barry twice. Very nice and very knowledgeable. Chatted with Dru. Just asked about product availability. Very prompt response. I have worked for a software company for 18 years. The website is very easy to browse and the search engines are powerful. The buying guides and youtube videos are also very helpful. My old skates are 10 - 12 years old and needless to say technology has changed since I bought them. I have learned a lot during this purchase and I feel up to date on the new inline skating tech after visiting the website and interacting with the personnel.

- Matthew P. | Monroe City, IN | 3/24/2015

Loved the product description videos, I did some research but no one had more detailed information for comparison of the products.

- Charmaine H. | Baltimore, MD | 3/23/2015

Great site for skate buying information. Online help was good.

- Jay. Q | Lincolin, NB | 3/23/2015

Love the skates on this site, very easy to find/narrow results! Will recommend this site to my friends to check it out!!

- Yolanda E. | Hill City, SD | 3/21/2015

I have never heard of this site before but came across because I was searching for roller blades. None of the typical sporting goods stores, like Dick's, had what I wanted. This site offered a variety of merchandise and they had many options so you could find what you are looking for. As long as I like my skates, I will be recommending this site in the future.

- Victoria W. | Highland Mills, NY | 3/21/2015

Our live chat help agent was Lisa. She was not only professional, understanding and super helpful but kept us from getting skates that would not suite our style, or get us into an skate that was too aggressive and get us hurt. Simply put she has given us the best advice on inline skating that we have ever gotten, and we will be thanking her for her advice on every ride we make on our new skates. Thank you.

- Mike | 3/20/2015

Website is so user friendly and helpful plus best prices I found online.

- Adam C. | Orlando, FL | 3/17/2015

Browsing was easy. Made use of the 'Let us help you find the perfect skate' feature. Website layout was great.

- John S. | Spring, TX | 3/16/2015

I love the fact they have videos where they explain specifications of there product, make it more easy to decide what you want, and the prices are very fair.

- Pavel P. | Sun Valley, CA | 3/13/2015

Clear site layout, easy to navigate and find exactly what I need!

- Justin | Oakland, CA | 3/12/2015

I had a great experience. Dru assisted me on everything I needed. Thanks Dru

- Paul D. | New York, NY | 3/11/2015

Wonderful variety of cool looking skates and it was simple to find what I was looking for.

- Kirsten G. | Garfield Heights, OH | (Date)

I was a first time buyer, I was looking at rollerblades for my girlfriend and Inlineskates had the perfect ones at the best price and her size. I would definitely shop with you guys again. Everything was wonderful.

- Alicia A. | Miami, FL | 3/7/2015

Great selection of rollerblades. Your site was straight forward and easy to use.

- James C. | Friendswood, TX | 3/6/2015

Amazon checkout was awesome. I also appreciated the live videos - very informational and helped me make my decision.

- Keryn F. | Alemeda, CA | 3/6/2015

The online chat help was essential. Well qualified answers, fun too.

- Charles K. | Pittsford, NY | 3/6/2015

The products that they sell are excellent quality.

- Angie L. | Lignite, ND | 3/4/2015

I would just like to comment on how thrilled I was to find and especially purchase from your site, Seriously one of the BEST online shopping experiences for sure and I shop A LOT! I was extremely impressed by customer service which normally I'm not a fan of. I recieved my Rollerblades today and I am just ecstatic!! They are even better in person!! I like the basic colors that men's skates have because womens have too much going on. I am a small size 7 in women's sneakers so I purchased a size 6 in men's and they fit and feel perfect! So happy! Your selection, prices, shipping and customer service were all outstanding! Thank you sooo much!!

- Lauren N. | 3/4/2015

Great shopping experience. I will be shopping more, and referring this site to many friends.

- Lubensky L. | Coconut Creek, FL | 2/26/2015

The youtube video for this company was highly helpful as I am new to skating and didn't know very much to begin with. When I got to the site I was really happy to see how easy it was to maneuver through the site and pin point exactly what I was looking for!

- Jennifer D. | San Antonio, TX | 2/22/2015

Great deals and amazing customer service with chat. My questions were answered very well. I'll buy from this store again if the quality continues and if my skates are what the site says they are. I would like to see more reviews and maybe more of a selection.

- Ernest S. | Rome, GA | 2/21/2015

This site was very easy to navigate. This site offered the best price around.

- Jill E. | Cedar Point, NC | 2/17/2015

I enjoyed your site. Very informative!!! Check out was easy as well. Thanks for the enjoyable experience.

- Tonya H. | Los Alamitos, CA | 2/15/2015

I suggest that Andru Castle the person on the Live chat gets a promotion!! He was so nice and really helpful even when I asked some pretty silly questions!! He is really doing a good job made me feel really at ease asking for help. basically gonna list off the the best of his qualities. 1. SUPER helpful answered all my questions with ease! 2. Really just a nice guy and up for a laugh like it makes you feel like your talking to a person you know? 3.He is a super hard worker. 4. Has a great memory remember my name when i went back for support. Those are just some of the many things that makes Dru great!!

- Sean B. | Irvine, CA | 2/7/2015

I ordered the wrong skate size for xmas and had to send them back and continuously checked via email on the status of my return. After a couple weeks i finally called and the woman on the other end was nothing short of magical. Im talking about you ALISHA VEGA!!! I explained the situation to her and she quickly and efficiently expedited the process of my return an my new order. She even gave me a discount!!!. It was very fast and painless experience, She accomplished in five minutes what i had been trying to do for 3 weeks. I will do business with your site in the future and it will be because of my experience with Alisha Vega!!! Thanks again!!!

- Jon B. | Tampa, FL | 2/3/2015

I went to youtube to get some information about which stakes should I choose for my child and that's how I found out about, I liked how you guys were on top of everything! Thank you!

- Eliana R. | Albemarle, NC | 2/4/2015

They even responded to my unnecessary banter about how excited I was to get new skates. A+ vendor.

- Whitney W. | Winter Park, FL | 2/1/2015

Great website, lowest prices, best products!

- Megan M. | Seabrook, NH | 1/30/2015

The site is easy to navigate and provides a great amount of information about their products.

- Robert H. | Broken Arrow, OK | 1/29/2015

You guys's customer service is seriously one of the best I've come across, you didn't have the product I wanted originally but you oferred me quite a bit of options and contacted me immediately which I really appreciate since my little girl really wanted skates for Christmas and you guys made it happen. I am eternally grateful to you guys and we will be doing some more shopping with you in the near future, keep up the great work, a very happy mom.

- Maria G. | Lynwood, WA | 1/14/2015

Excellent prices, discounts, coupons and customer service, highly recommended.

- Greg H. | Mendon, VT | 1/14/2015

Well organized and clearly describes the products and their use. I felt like I made an informed and pleasant purchase.

- Orey G. | Oceanside, NY | 1/4/2015

"WOW! I have been truly educated with their information on the options available and whom they are best for. I really enjoyed the blog page as well! Thank you and Summit Sports!"

- Cheryl L. | Orlando, FL | 12/12/2014

The best store in the country for skates, period.

- Austin K. | Los Angeles, CA | 12/8/2014

The reviews and product videos were very helpful in making purchasing decisions. I could have bought some of the merchandise through Amazon but chose to still purchase through because of the helpfulness of their store/site. I wanted to give them the business directly.

- Selena H. | Birmingham, AL | 12/7/2014

I have purchased several pairs of inline skates from and have always been pleased with delivery speed, selection, and price.

- Ann L. | Houston, TX | 12/7/2014

Great website. Very informative and easy to navigate.

- Mark H. | Mount Tremper, NY | 12/4/2014

Very easy website to navigate. Great information given to make buying decision.

- Michelle M. | Mandeville, LA | 12/3/2014

I love the explanation that your site provided regarding inline skates. This information is perfect for anyone who has no idea where to begin when looking for skates

- Michelle K. | Griffin, GA | 11/29/2014

One of the most helpful sites EVER! Very competitive prices as well as all the info in the world to make the right decision! I'll be back

- Rose M. | Starkville, MS | 11/26/2014

I loved that they had videos that help me understand what the product could do and what i was buying and the option on the product.

- Cathy L. | Tehachapi, CA | 11/25/2014

Great selection, knowledgeable support staff,easy check out.

- Maria M. | Oakdale, MN | 11/24/2014

Great selection at great prices. Great information available to educate customers and explain the differences between products.

- David C. | Lexington, NC | 11/17/2014

Easy site to navigate! Pleasant experience!

- Diane W. | Donora, PA | 11/14/2014

Easy to purchase and checkout. It was fast and very convenient.

- Kristy L. | Monroe, NC | 11/6/2014

Liked the informational videos the site provided that went beyond the hype ads by the manufacturers'. Thanks. The site worked well and is well laid out from my perspective.

- David N. | Gilbert, AZ | 10/27/2014

I ordered inline skates online for my granddaughter and I couldn't be more happy! The skates arrived the same week and I had free shipping. The skates are exactly as described online and she absolutely loves them! I didn't know how she would react because they weren't white and pink (girl colors) but the skates are so awesome she didn't care about the color! I ordered the new ALU skates made by Rollerblade. Thank you Inline You made my granddaughters day!

- Shari S. | Ridgefield, NJ | 10/26/2014

One of the best online shopping experiences I had. I called customer service and a rep walked me through all the options, made great recommendations, and explained the details where I lacked knowledge. I like how each product has a video where you get to hear and see "in person". Every question I asked was answered to my satisfaction. Purchasing part was a breeze and got confirmation of purchase instantly. Will definitely recommend to friends as the place to shop for inline skates and accessories.

- Julia K. | Dumfries, VA | 9/3/2014

I was recommended by a friend, decided to trust the site when it said it was google secure. Very easy to navigate through your site, the detailed description and videos that go with your product led me to obtain my perfect skates.

- Angelo M. | New Britain, CT | 8/19/2014

Thank you. I purchased the skates for a birthday gift. The procedure was quick and very easy. I appreciate the selections the ease in which I was able to purchase and pay conveniently without any questions. Thanks again.

- Ronald Y. | Anaheim, CA | 8/18/2014

One thing that is unique about this site that I really loved, is the spec videos that review the skates you are looking at in detail. The videos really helped me find the skates I wanted and I didn't feel like I was making a blind guess. I have never seen a website that offers a video review of their products, and in the area of sporting goods, it is a really really awesome!

- Krista L. | 7/26/2014

Excellent buying experience. My online chat was very helpful in selecting product to try, and also in suggesting the buy three, return two option. That option was the reason I ordered with

- Jonathan B. | Wayland, MA | 6/30/2014

Great selection of inline skates! Very easy to navigate & awesome way to shop!!!

- Jill V. | FPO | 6/29/2014

I was highly satisfied with my last inline skates from you and therefore I have returned to buy the next size up for my grandson.

- Jacki N. | Chico, CA | 6/28/2014

I had a great experience with customer service. Prompt response and very friendly. I LOVE my new rollerblades and will order again from inlineskates!

- Courtney M. | Cheyenne, WY | 6/26/2014

The guaranteed return program was wonderful! It allowed me to be confident in the skates I selected.

- Karla P. | Phoenix, AZ | 6/23/2014

The selection and prices at inline skates is great and the ease of purchasing combined with the satisfaction guarantee makes the site appealing. In the past I have used the online chat and was very satisfied with the assistance and the final product choice.

- Sonrisa P. | Huntington Station, NY | 6/22/2014

I forgot to add a free item to my last order. You fixed it for free. Keep up the awesome customer service and I'll keep on recommending you.

- 6/5/2014

I did online chat with Dru, who was very helpful and friendly. That is why I purchased from Inlineskates over a competitor who had the skates for $10 less

- 6/4/2014

I like the chat or phone option for customer service. That's probably why I have landed on Inline Skates to provide my family with skates and supplies.

- Steve D. | Longmont, CO | 5/28/2014

I wanted quality skates for my twin girls & after going online to some local sport stores I quickly realized your choices blew them out of the water. I chose to look online, so I didn't have to drive all over to find what I was looking for. I'm glad your website was inviting because I believe we are getting quality products that the girls can even grow in to. Very satified with the whole experience & the knowledge their website had on the products we were buying. Thank You Inline Skates!

- Rhea D. | Dallas, TX | 5/27/2014

Great selection of skates and full of information for the new and coming skaters.

- Karl M. | Stoughton, MA | 5/25/2014

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