2017 Rollerblade Womens Inline Skates

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Inline Skates for Women Overview




Inline skating has many perks, from being a great exercise and fun to getting people outdoors and a good activity for people of all ages. But in order to really enjoy inline skating, you have to have the right pair of womens skates. It is important for women to purchase womens specific inline skates because they are made to fit the unique shape of a womans foot. These Specialized skates have a wider forefoot while having a narrower heel and higher instep. Also, women’s calf muscles tend to be lower down on the leg so these skates accommodate this with a lower cut cuff in the back. The only exception to this would be that women with wider feet might want to consider getting a mens skate instead because womens inline skate do tend to be narrower.


Womens inline skate wheels are an important feature to think about when purchasing your skates. Typically inline skate wheels are sized between 70 and 80 mm for recreational inline skating. A good general rule of thumb with wheels is that the larger the wheels on womens skates, the faster they go. Smaller wheels tend to do better with maneuverability. Womens inline skate wheels are also measured in durometer, or hardness. Typically harder wheels are better for hot pavement because they soften from the heat and ride better, while softer wheels give a softer ride all around.


When it comes to being concerned with comfort, be sure to check out the specs on your skates boots. Skate boots come in two main styles, hard shells and soft shells. Hard shell boots are not as common anymore because they tend to be less comfortable than their soft shell counterparts. Soft shellboots typically have plastic or carbon skeleton that allows for proper support, while the actual boot is made from softer materials that allow for better comfort.


Womens skate liners are also very important when it comes to comfort. The liner is the piece of the skate that you put your foot into, and because of the direct contact with your foot, it is important that your inline skate liner fit your foot properly. There are four main types of liners, standard liners, auto-fit liners, memory fit liners and heat moldable liners. Standard liners on womens skates are made from foam and offer the most basic comfort. Auto-fit liners incorporate gel pads that contour to your feet and offer more support than their standard counterparts. Memory fit liners are like auto-fit liners, but they (as their name suggests) remember the mold of your foot and as you wear your womens skates over time, they will conform to your foot. And finally, heath moldable liners are the best liners currently on the market. If you purchase a pair of skates with heat moldable liners you are going to be able to take your skates to a local shop where they will heat and mold them to your meet for the perfect custom fit.


These are just some basics to get you started on finding the right pair of womens skates for you. If you would like further information check out our womens skates buying guide or if you have any questions feel free to contact our knowledgeable customer service representatives for help. now offers a guaranteed fit program. Now you can buy your skates without the worry of it not fitting correctly.


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