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Womens skates are specifically made for a womens foot shape and will adequately offer support and comfort for a woman while skating. In the womens skates section you will find many differing styles of skates for various styles of skating whether it be inline skating for recreation or fitness to roller skating for a women’s roller derby league. is thrilled to carry a great supply of skates in all sizes, styles and colors all at the lowest prices online. Here we will go over some of the basics concerning the main types of womens specific skates.


Fitness and Recreational Womens Skates


The most common types of skates for women are recreational and fitness inline skates. These skates can have many uses from training, exercise and of course leisure. The main difference between recreational and fitness style skates will be that the fitness style skates will offer a bit larger wheels and a more performance fit. Both fitness and recreational inline skates for women can be used for either activity meaning a recreational skate can be used for fitness or a fitness skate can be used for recreation. Fitness and recreational womens skates are going to offer a fit similar to standard athletic shoe size so if you wear a size 7 in your running shoes a size 7 in skates will more than likely be a correct fit.


Urban Womens Skates


Urban skates have been gaining much popularity in the recent years as skating in cities for pleasure and transportation is making a comeback. Lacing up in Chicago or downtown Denver will require skates with great control and an ability to turn on a dime. Urban style womens skates are going to offer a shorter wheelbase and a bit smaller wheels making them much easier to maneuver and turn with. The urban style skates also offer a more protective exterior for the abuse they might see in an urban city setting.


Womens Roller Skates


It used to be that women and roller skates would conger up images of someone bringing you your order at a diner but things are changing. Now, more women are joining roller derby leagues and battling it out with their skates on. No matter what type of roller skating you plan on doing you can find the womens skates you need here. We stock a complete stock of women’s roller skates including artistic, outdoor, speed, derby, jam and rhythm. With so many styles of skating there is sure to be a type of skating that will fit your style.


Shopping Skates


With such a great selection of womens skates it can be nearly overwhelming trying to select a skate so we added some easy to use refinements and filters to help. On the left side of the page when shopping skates you will see some refinement boxes which you can make selections from to narrow the skates you’re looking at. These refinements range from skate type, brand, price and more. When you choose a refinement the selection of skates you are shown will refresh to include that refinement. You can make several refinements as well by allowing the page to refresh between refinement selections.


There are many styles of womens skates to match with many styles of skating that exist. If you need help choosing a pair of skates please contact us through the contact us link below. If you wish to educate yourself on inline skates you can view our skate-o-pedia section for articles, guides, videos and more!


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