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Women’s inline skates are not just more feminine men’s skates, they are actually built specifically for a women’s foot shape. The styling on women’s skates are indeed more feminine than that of a men’s skate but there is so much more that goes into them than that. Women’s inline skates are available from the top names in skates including Rollerblade, K2, Bladerunner, Roces, Roller Derby and more. You can find women’s inline skates for beginners to advanced and expert skaters, and in a range of prices from under a hundred dollars to a couple of hundred dollars...Read More


Women’s feet are narrower than men’s feet which means women will benefit from a narrower design in their inline skates. Women’s inline skates are built with a narrower width, also referred to as a narrower last, which aids in contouring to a woman’s foot shape better. This narrower width allows for a better fit which give women more control and performance in their skates as well as more comfort for happier skate sessions. Women with a wider foot can move into a men’s skate but will need to drop a full size to accommodate the difference in men’s and women’s sizing.

Another main difference between a men’s and a women’s inline skate is the cuff location. A woman's calf sits lower than a man’s calf which can make a men’s skate’s cuff location interfere and pressure where the calf is located. To accommodate a woman’s calf location a women’s inline skate will offer a cuff that is ¾ of an inch lower than a men’s skate which alleviates any pressure that would be caused from the cuff hitting the calf muscle.

There are many types of women’s inline skates including recreational inline, fitness inline, urban inline, and quad roller skates for outdoor, artistic, roller derby, and speed skating. All these women’s specific inline skates are going to offer a great fit for a woman’s foot shape and will fit and perform they way a woman deserves. There are not currently a women’s specific skate for aggressive or inline hockey but sizing accordingly in a men’s aggressive or inline hockey skate will accommodate for this style of skating.

When shopping for a women’s inline skate you can use the refinements found on the left side of the page to narrow the selection based on your personal needs. These refinements include, brand, skate type, skill range, price, wheel size, bearing grade and more. Once you click a refinement, the page will refresh and show you women’s inline skates which fit the refinement you have chosen. For example, if you choose beginner in the skill range refinement box, the page will refresh showing you only beginner level women’s inline skates. To further narrow your selection you can use multiple refinements at once, simply let the page refresh from your first selection and then make another refinement selection,and so on.

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