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At we stock a great selection of women’s roller skates for all types of roller skating including outdoor, artistic, derby, and speed. With such an ample selection of women’s roller skates, available from the top brands, you will be sure to find a skate that will fit your style of skating from a brand that you trust. Top brands in women’s roller skates you’ll find when shopping are Riedell, Pacer, Dominion, Lenexa. With our selection of women’s roller skates there is no reason to settle on a skate that isn't perfect for you!..Read More


One of the more popular types of women’s roller skates is the outdoor variety. Outdoor skates come equipped with wheels that are made for skating outside on concrete or asphalt. Women’s outdoor roller skates are also going to offer the more traditional style tall boot. This boot adds extra support in the skates which means no twisted ankle because of a small pebble in the road.

Women’s roller skates for artistic skating are going to look very similar to women’s figure skates for ice skating. Women’s artistic skates offer a similar boot style as figure skates as artistic roller skating and ice figure skating are very similar sports. Women’s roller skates for artistic skating range greatly in price based on the quality of components in the skates. Higher end artistic women’s roller skates are going to offer a smoother bearing, more durable wheel, lighter and stiffer boot, as well as a lighter and more durable truck and plate.

Women’s roller derby has really shot up in popularity recently making women’s roller skates for derby increasingly popular as well. Roller derby skates are going to be built to take a beating with an extremely durable boot design which typically offers a lace guard on the front. Women’s roller skates for derby are going to offer a slightly shorter boot design giving you a bit more control and movement from the skate. The wheels on derby skates are not too big giving the skates the ability to speedily make tight turns.

Speed and jam style women’s roller skates are going to look similar to derby skates but with larger wheels. The low cut boot offers speed skaters the ability to zip around a course with the freedom to get their groove on. Speed and jam style women’s roller skates will offer a nice big wheel to give users a great amount of speed while being wide to add extra grip through the corners.

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