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Women’s artistic roller skates are going to look a lot like women’s figure ice skates. Artistic skates are built for figure skating on wheels and can range from beginner to expert level. The basic design of a women’s artistic roller skate is a high boot and narrow wheels. This skate design allows the skater to spin and jump with the most control and stability. Artistic skates also offer a standard lacing system so you can tighten the skate manually to the exact level of tightness you’d like...Read More


Artistic skating can be broken into at least 4 disciplines including figure, dance, freestyle, and precision. And although you may need to fine tune your skates with different wheels and bearings, any women’s artistic roller skate can work well for any of these disciplines of skating. There are some big differences in some of the women’s artistic roller skates and this will be evident with the wide fluctuations in pricing.

As the price goes up in a women’s artistic roller skate, so does the quality of the materials including the boot materials. A higher end artistic skate is going to offer a better boot which will offer a stiffer and more protective design. More aggressive skaters who’ve been skating for awhile will be able to get more out of a stiffer boot as the boot will give them a better energy transfer with each stride and more support in each landing.

An often overlooked piece of the women’s artistic roller skate is the skate’s plate and frame. Lower cost more beginner level roller skates will offer nylon plates and frame material. A step up from nylon is metal or metal alloy which will offer a bit more support and performance than nylon, but not as much as aluminum. Aluminum plates and frames will be found on the higher end women’s artistic roller skates. Aluminum is going to be the lightest weight and will offer the most performance when skating.

A big part of any skate is the skate’s wheels and bearings, and on women’s artistic roller skates this is a definite contributing factor in the skate’s performance. Bearings will be rated on an ABEC rating system getting higher in performance as the ABEC scale goes up. Starting at a low end is ABEC 1 going up in odd increments with ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7, and ABEC 9. Higher than ABEC 9, and found in high end women’s artistic roller skates, Swiss bearings are going to spin extremely fast and will have increased durability over ABEC rated bearings.

When shopping for women’s artistic roller skates you can use the product refinements to narrow your search. The refinements can be found on the left side of the page and contain features of the skates including skill range, price. color, bearing grade, wheel size, and more. Selecting a refinement will refresh the page and change the selection of women’s artistic roller skates shown to you. For example; choosing high performance in the bearing grade refinement will refresh the page and show you only women’s artistic roller skates with high performance bearings. You can use multiple refinements at once as well, simply make your first refinement selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection, and so on.

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