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Women’s roller derby has grown in popularity over the years and with the popularity growth, the demand for women’s derby roller skates has also grown. has always been your headquarters for women’s roller derby skates offering a great selection of derby skates from Pacer, RC, and Riedell. Women in derby work hard in their sport and need hardworking skates to accompany them on their journey to mop the floor with their competition. Having the correct women’s derby roller skates can be a game changer when it comes to suiting up for roller derby...Read More


There are many different components that make up a complete women’s derby skate and all these different components will determine the quality of the skate. From the floor up, women’s roller skates consist of wheels, bearings, plate, frame, boot, cuff and closure. All these components make up a complete skate and can vary greatly from one skate to the next.

Wheels on women’s derby roller skates will be under 70mm and although they may look the same on each skate, they can be very different. Wheels of better quality can look very similar to lesser quality wheels but on higher end skates the wheels can be lighter, more durable and offer a better overall grip. Bearings can range from an ABEC rating of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9, to higher level rating like Swiss. A higher level bearing and wheel combination will give an overall smoother roll and can be great for high level roller derby athletes.

The plate and frame of a women’s derby roller skate doesn’t always get the credit it deserves but is really the lifeblood of the skate. Most all women’s derby skates will have a metal or metal alloy frame and plate which is necessary for the rough and tumble sport of roller derby. Some higher end women’s roller derby skates will offer aluminum frames and plates, or a mix of metal and aluminum. Aluminum lightens the skates which makes them faster overall on the skaters feet while maintaining great stiffness in the frame and plate for response and durability.

The cuff on women’s derby roller skates is going to be a low height cuff. Mobility is key in roller derby and a lower cuff gives skater’s better control over their skates for tighter crossovers in the corners and a better ability to crouch and get low when needed. Closure systems on women’s derby skates will typically be a lace, and sometimes will offer a lace and a powerstrap closure on the top of the skates. Only found on certain skates, some women’s derby skates will offer a lace protection cover which keeps your laces covered while skating. All closure systems work well on women’s derby roller skates, just be sure to adequately tighten your skates before skating!

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