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Women’s recreational inline skates are some of the most popular skates on the market and are great for general skating for leisure or for fitness. There are many different models of recreational inline skates for women that work for the very beginner skater to the more advanced skater with features geared to work best for every level skater. The main brands of women’s recreational inline skates are Rollerblade, K2, Bladerunner, Cardiff, Roces and Roller Derby. Within these brands there are many features that change from wheels and bearing grades to frame material, closure systems, and more...Read More


When you first start shopping for women’s recreational inline skates you will notice there are many different skill ranges associated with the skates. These skill ranges range from beginner to expert with intermediate to advanced in between. The skill range will often go hand in hand with the skates stiffness, wheel size and bearing grade, among other features. A beginner women’s recreational inline skate will offer a more forgiving stiffness and will offer a smaller wheel with a slightly lower grade bearing. This aids in the overall comfort of the skate and will ensure the skater doesn’t go too fast while learning to skate. If you’re a seasoned skater a more advanced to expert skate will be better offering more support in a stiffer boot with a larger wheel and faster bearing.

Wheel sizes on women’s recreational skates can range from under 80mm to over 100mm and anywhere in between. Wheel size is going to determine the overall speed the skate is able to achieve as well as the smoothness of the roll especially over debris and rough pavement. Beginner skates are going to offer a smaller wheel as beginners want more control over their speed. Advanced and expert level women’s recreational inline skates are going to offer larger and larger wheels as these skaters are going to be able to handle the greater speed and will be looking to hit higher top speeds.

Bearing ratings on women’s recreational skates can range from recreational to high performance. Many bearings will offer a rating in the form of a number. Some examples are ABEC 5, SG 5 or ILQ 5. Although the letter before the numbers may change from brand to brand, the numbers are the main concern. A lower number is going to be more recreational and as the numbers rise the performance of the bearing is going to rise. An ABEC 3 is going to be a bit slower than an ABEC 5, or 9. When looking at women’s recreational inline skates and their bearing ratings keep in mind your skating ability and aspirations and choose accordingly. Bearings can be replaced and upgraded at a later time, so if you start low you can always upgrade.

Shopping women’s recreational inline skates is easy using the left side of the page’s refinement options. These refinements range from size, brand and skill range, to color, wheel size, bearing grade, and more. When you choose a refinement the page will automatically refresh showing you only skates that reflect the refinement you have chosen. For example, if you choose beginner in the skill range refinement the page will automatically refresh showing only beginner women’s recreational inline skates. You can also use multiple refinements at once, simply wait for the page to refresh from your first selection and then make a second, and so on.

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