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Women’s speed roller skates are built to go fast with the comfort to skate all night. With a low cut athletic style boot women can get comfortable while ripping around in a pair of speed style roller skates. From the boot down you can tell women’s speed style roller skates are built to be lightweight while maintaining a good speed around the rink. A lot goes into a quality pair of speed skates including a good bearing, wheel, frame, plate, boot, and closure system...Read More


The boots on women’s speed roller skates are going to look similar to a low cut tennis shoe. Built with a bit more support than a tennis shoe, women’s speed skate boots are going to offer the freedom of movement needed for quick crossovers and corners while maintaining the support needed for good push offs and confidence while skating. The closure system on these boots will be a lace and power strap combination. The laces allow the skater to fine tune their tightness, and the power strap helps with ankle support and overall tightness.

The plates and frames on women’s speed roller skates are often a performance composite or metal alloy material, or a mixture of the two. Having a composite frame on a women’s speed roller skate is more common than in other skates as the skate design allows the composite to deliver a proper amount of support while being lightweight and durable. Higher end women’s speed roller skates will often have more metal alloy to give them a slightly stiffer more performance designed feel.

What makes many skates better than another model is the skate’s bearing and wheel setup. Wheels on women’s speed skates are going to fall under 70mm and will be a slightly wider design to offer grip and speed. Bearings can range from recreational to high performance, and will be measured from ABEC, 1 to ABEC 3, 5, 7, or 9. The higher level bearings will typically be awarded a higher number making them smoother and faster overall.

When shopping women’s speed roller skates you may want to narrow your selection, and you can do so using the product refinements on the left side of the page. These product refinements will alter the women’s speed skates shown to you. When you choose from a refinement, the page will refresh to show your selection. For example, if you chose beginner in the skill range refinement, the page will refresh and show you only beginner level women’s speed roller skates. You can also use multiple refinements at once, simply make your first selection and once the page refreshes you can then make a second selection, and so on.

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